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Aid children bruised fingers and toes

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1Aid children bruised fingers and toes Empty Aid children bruised fingers and toes on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:51 pm

Care was 3 years old baby gates put into the hands, fingers swollen red berry, dark purple nails. Every time I accidentally ran into a crying baby struggle. The accident happened a flash, right in the Care birthday, when she is engrossed in play behind the door, while parents busy greeting guests.

Among the injuries that child or having, put your fingers / toes are a common form, caused by accidentally slamming the door on her fingers or heavy items as books, furniture, home appliances, big toys ... fell to the feet. Often parents will only recognize the problem when he heard crying.

Before you take me to the doctor, you can perform some simple movements that aid effectiveness.

A. Raising the damaged area to reduce pain and edema
This is the most important thing to do within 48 hours. Immediately after discovering her bruised finger / toe, put the baby sitting posture convenient, sitting on a chair or mother. Use blankets or pillows elevated hands or feet hurt your baby. These hours later, the baby often sitting or lying position in hands / feet higher than the range wounded heart.

Two. Ice
Use a nylon bag containing ice (or a clean bag of frozen vegetables available in the freezer) compresses the affected area. Ice bag wrapped in a thin cotton towel. Keep the pack on the damaged area within 20 minutes. Do this regularly every 1-2 hours during the first 24 hours, then 3-4 times on Day 2.

Without the pack, bowl of ice water can be used instead. Pour into a bowl, add a little ice and then dip the whole hand / foot soak her. He may feel uncomfortable at the present time, but in the long run this approach will help reduce swelling and relieve pain very effectively.

3. Analgesic
Press your finger / toe makes children extremely painful. That's because this area is very much focused nerve head and the receptors. Baby painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen) as directed. The drug not only help children less pain but also reduce inflammation.
Listen to music or watch your favorite cartoons also help her feel more comfortable. With children grown, the focus thoughts, take deep breaths and have also helped improve the situation.

4. Check signs of fracture
Before a doctor, monitor the baby for a few hours at home.

- If he starts to use the hand injury (in the first few days, maybe he would very quietly), the more likely there is no broken bones. Even if a small fracture, you do not need to find a doctor working on the night. Can wait until morning, unless the fingers and toes abnormally curved outwards.

- If immediately after the accident, her hard finger / toe injury, you should take her to an X-ray examination, timely detection of bone fractures.

- If your fingers swollen, deformed, and he was very painful, the more likely a broken bone. Need to restrict movement of the finger and take her to medical emergency.

- If only the swelling but no finger deformity, deformed, then chances are small fractures, which can wait until morning to take her to see a doctor.

Five. Check the nail lesions
Nails can be chewed, broken, peeling or hematoma under the nail. If a nail peeling, apply an antibiotic cream and bandaged to nail not to accidentally peeled out. If large hematoma should take her to the examinations.

Your doctor can drill a hole in the nail to drain the hematoma, reduces pain. This procedure is done within the first 24 h, then the blood started characteristics, not smoking out of.
Take her to a doctor if:

- Be a fever over 30 degrees C
- There are manifestations of infection: swelling, heat, redness or pus appears, discharge in the damaged area.
- Pain and swelling increased (not talking babies can cry insisted, could not coax).
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