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Habits harmful to teeth

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1Habits harmful to teeth Empty Habits harmful to teeth on Tue May 22, 2012 3:24 pm

think everyone is brushing protection for healthy teeth, but brushing your own that may not be true to be good for your teeth. Here are five habits harmful to teeth, according to the Telegraph.

Not enough time brushing
Dentist Michael Lenchner warning, most people do not experience enough time brushing teeth, brushing duration for each should be 2-3 minutes, while normally we just brush your teeth for 1 minute.
Do not look at the mirror while brushing
We need to look in the mirror while brushing to know which areas have not been hit, remember that each area will not be beat as "hotbeds" for bacteria-free.

Gargling after each brushing to push bacteria from the mouth - Photo: Shutterstock
Improper brushing technique
The dentist said Lenchner, right carding operation is tilted 45 degrees set brushes beneath the gums. Brush lightly vertically or in a circle on the teeth and gums. Repeat this for all the teeth. Brush the outside, the inside of the tooth vertically. For the chewing surface of teeth, brush lightly horizontally.
A toothbrush is too hard
Brush your teeth too hard that cracks easily. Moreover, the rough brushing can damage gums and tooth erosion.
Do not touch your mouth after brushing
Gargling after each brushing helps push bacteria from the mouth. If not gargling after each brushing is better to not fight.

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