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Select birth control pills while breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding mothers should have knowledge of birth control pills are not necessary for her to be an unwanted pregnancy.

TTT members only progestin

Birth control pills (TTT) alone does not cover components affect the quantity and quality of milk. Although contraceptive effectiveness of the drugs and 88%, however during breastfeeding mother, the mother's hormones that inhibit ovulation. So drugs are highly effective contraception, consistent with the period of women breastfeeding mothers, while TTT members combination containing both estrogen and progestogen.

The progestin-only type TTT (mini pill) usually in the Vietnam market: cerazette (Proprietary desogestrel containing 75microgram progestin); femulen (Proprietary ethynodiol diacetate, containing 500 micrograms of progestin); Micronor (norethisterone proprietary medicines containing 350microgram progestin); norgeston (Proprietary levonorgestrel, a progestin containing 30 micrograms); noriday (norethisterone proprietary medicines containing progestin 350microgram) ...

The mechanism of the contraceptive progestin-only pills

TTT progestin-only hinder the change in cervical mucus around the time of ovulation so the sperm can not reach the egg, so there is no fertilization. Lining of the uterus is also affected, so even a fertilized egg is also hard to hold and develop. Today it is known that progestin-only member TTT also affects ovulation, but not as effective as TTT members combined.

Contraceptive effectiveness of progestin-only member TTT

Depending on each person's tolerance and age. Very effective for women who are breast-feeding period. Failure rate can be higher in a heavyweight, if the 70kg weight should take 2 tablets per day.

When should I start taking progestin-only member TTT and when effective medication?

6 weeks after delivery is the best time to start if you wait longer taking new medication, the ability to become pregnant will be great. If the menstrual cycle back can start right from the first day of the menstrual cycle or whenever but right know for sure that she is not pregnant and effective drug contraceptive protection immediately.

Progestin-only oral TTT like?

TTT members only need to take progestin every day, no drug withdrawal period as combined with TTT members. Best to take medication within 1 hour at a certain time of day, medication only safe maximum time of 3 hours (if you forget to take medications) compared with 12 hours of combined TTT members. Many women said that the evening before going to bed is a favorable time to take medication.

If you forget to take medication, what to do?

Considered forget to take a pill when was slower than 3 hours from the scheduled time. When it needs to take a pill as soon as you remember and use a measure of support for 48 hours. If you forget to take 2 tablets 2 tablets as soon as you remember, take 2 capsules the next day and use an additional contraceptive measures to assist until all blisters oral medication.

Menstrual period would be if using progestin-only member TTT?

It can remain as before, but not always stable, which may at first bleeding between menstrual period and may be less than or sometimes do not see the business.

If vomiting while taking progestin-only TTT should do?

If you vomit within 2 hours after taking the medication need to take a rest. Without taking additional medication within this period it is necessary to use methods of contraception during the disease causes vomiting and in the next 7 days.

Is it necessary to use methods of contraception when antibiotics are not?

Two antibiotics should only need to support contraception as rifampicin and griseofulvin. If you must use two long-term antibiotics to use other contraceptive methods. No need for any special precautions with other antibiotics.

TTT progestin-only members can cause ovarian cysts?

The functional ovarian cysts rather than follicles entity, are more common in people who use this TTT. If using progestin-only members that saw TTT abdominal pain and slow business is to think about ectopic pregnancy. There is the need for laparoscopy diagnosis of exclusion. Beta HCG test is very sensitive to detect pregnancy, has been used over the years, if negative, can rule out ectopic pregnancy. Unless there are severe symptoms, functional cysts do not require intervention and can regress in a few weeks.
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