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Not recommended for children under 6 months old drink water

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The children under 6 months can drink affect your baby's health such as increased risk of malnutrition, abdominal distension ...

For infants under 6 months of age to drink extra water or other liquids such as tea, sugar water, fruit juice ... with breast milk is the habit of most mothers in Vietnam. Cultural reasons also influenced more or less to this concept. Most mothers learned of the previous generation.

They add that for children to drink water during the first months of life is essential to all thirsty baby, cure colds and constipation, clean mouth ... Ms. Ha, 28, said: "Whatever you hear breastfeeding mother completely in the first 6 months but when my grandmother urged the need to drink more water baby, I'm confused, wonder what is true ".

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that mothers should breastfeed completely in the first 6 months, then started complementary feeding and continued breastfeeding until at least 24 months old. In fact, for children under 6 months can drink affect your baby's health such as increased risk of malnutrition.

The alternative source of liquid milk with no nutrients can negatively affect nutritional status, growth and development of the baby. Stomach size is very small infants. Drinking more water will fill the stomach, causing her no and do not breastfeed. She was even given a small amount of water also causes bloating and no longer crave milk as before. Therefore, decreased milk intake. For the first week of drinking water also causes weight loss and disease later on.

In addition, water can also be pathogens for children if water is not safe, clean. The risk of diarrhea caused by unsanitary environment in neonates higher due to the baby's immune system is weak. Meanwhile, the baby absorbs water in breast milk is the most complete clean. Drink more water is at risk of diarrhea two to three times higher than babies fed only breast milk.

In addition, breast feeding helps the mother and baby form close relationships of love. Babies cry less and be able to develop better. The early exposure of children to the mother will give her mother the first moments of happiness. Also love your mother very well sticking to impact children's cognitive development, mental maximum.

Breast milk contains all the nutrients and water to the most appropriate content, help your child grow up smart and healthy. The child fully breastfed for 6 months of life and continued to 24 months are healthcare organizations recommend.

If baby is thirsty worry, you can refer to some of the following: when you feel thirst, breastfeeding right to provide water in time and the most hygienic. Also, you should be more breastfeeding because breastfeeding as much, as the mother's body to secrete more milk. Thus he received more water and energy. As for breastfeeding, you yourself have brought their children with effective doses of vaccine with water and nutrients most suitable. Children with rickets

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