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Children orange pills are really good

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1Children orange pills are really good Empty Children orange pills are really good on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:53 pm

The mother has to eat sloths, growth retardation, or sick ... another great tip cam using drugs to enhance the health of children.

The drug is a drug cam traditional Oriental medicine are mothers with small children eating lazy, slow-growing, or sick ... another tip used to improve health for children. However, the recent phenomenon of children with lead poisoning from a drug banned by the mouth. So actually what is the difference between the two drugs this commitment? Should your child take medication to treat anorexia cam?

There are two different types of commitments
Vu Quoc Chinese Herbalist (Temple clinics Sensing, Hanoi): In oriental medicine there are two types of commitment in young patients. Orange area is due to irregular digestion (positive slow food, the same area) can cause congenital cause poor gas; Due to prolonged malnutrition, food loss diet, eating too much fat sweet; or chronic diseases such as chronic diarrhea, respiratory infections left many triggers.

Western medical disease known as malnutrition, anorexia, crying.
Oriental medicine to treat common conditions Pi, bisexual or position to help them eat, big fast. The herbs are commonly used are: Kudzu, to go, the white sea beans, ginseng sa waste of the rules (the one rice) ... the orange powdered drug.

In oriental medicine there are many types of oranges as oranges spleen, orange can, liver cam ...

This drug is enzyme supplements for children help children digestion, eating delicious. The drugs are made which are complementary, not exclusive. However, the treatment is still going through physical examination can not voluntarily purchase for use.

The drug treatment cam mouth limbs if the press recently is actually orange mouth disease - code orange pipe. These diseases occur more in children with symptoms in the mouth of the wound necrosis, ulceration, foul mouth, white tongue, drooling a lot. Oriental medicine primarily uses drugs applied directly to the sores, which is derived minerals contain lead are: Coast unit, pollen and honey rise grace to heal mouth sores, pimples make plaster or drink (but very limited in small amounts).

Due to ignorance, some people believe that these minerals will be applied to cure mouth hand - foot - mouth should have used, even "deaf not afraid of guns" to take back full members. In particular, today we have not eliminate use of lead oxide by oxidation of artificial graphite, so very high lead content, so has led to poisoning or even death.

Can not commit a drug for all children
BS.TTUT Nguyen Xuan User (former president of Vietnam Eastern Medicine Society): In oriental medicine there are many different types of oranges as oranges spleen, orange can, orange liver, kidney, heat, cold ... and each has its different remedies. On average each is from 7-18 position, depending on body condition of each child and that family reduced accordingly.

The parents voluntarily commit traditional medicines prepared for children is very dangerous because the disease is not clear what commitment and more unfortunate that the buyer must be welded type to make you hate the more vulnerable road intestine and go outside or if the heat that is committed to buy drugs, the more heat more heat.

Currently, I am being treated for a 4 year old child in peace, according to family commitments by taking that leads to muscle wasting, was not speak, the hospital was returned. The reason is that he committed the spleen may be heat, nourish the drugs cause hot flashes as heat damaging the internal parts, causing external deformation.

She drank blood tonic, addition, add sound to be more than 7 months have gone back but still able to speak less and still need further treatment.

Traditional medicine of unknown origin is very dangerous
Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung (head of the pediatrics department, Bach Mai Hospital): Most drugs of unknown origin, most likely due to the production process to ensure that drugs are not infected with heavy metals (like lead and arsenic. ..), with the naked eye can not know. Also mixing pharmaceutical drugs, coticoid ... retention parents mistakenly believe that children gain weight but do not understand the side effects of steroids are harmful to children. Children with rickets

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