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No child should use the iPad too soon

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1No child should use the iPad too soon Empty No child should use the iPad too soon on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:50 pm

Tablet was actually born attracts young users. With a cheap price day, many parents have chosen these products to their children early access to technology, but many people said that not giving children too early iPad.

Currently, parents are keen for their children knew more, knew early try for children to learn more, access to technology as soon as possible. Therefore, the need to purchase an iPad is understandable because the app store App Store has many applications of learning and fun entertainment for kids.

In Vietnam, with improved living standards and reduced price iPad, many parents are willing to buy for their children iPad "collective toe" and explore the technology soon. But many parents are abusing the device from the right to look after their children and goofing off in the apartment.

For example, many parents for children to play iPad to entice children to eat seaweed soup to go out, or give every child an iPad is there to do their work freely without having to look to see what kid is not playing out.

Moreover, many parents are proud that the iPad will prepare their children the technical skills of the future, sometimes they also assess the intelligence of their children than other children the same page they age through the proficient use of a phone or computer table.

However, a child age 3-4 with proficient use iPad reflect the intelligence, imagination and skills of their later lives.

Disadvantages when used for premature infants
Ms. Flowers, a professional business of foreign companies that, because I soon want to familiarize yourself with the equipment and technology so she bought a three year old son with iPad hope you soon get used to the technology . However, over time without noticing her addiction, always requires only play on the iPad and even took her food and fertilizer and left-handed iPad screen.

It is true that undeniable is the App Store offers many wonderful learning application for children, digital equipment will give children the skills flexibility, stimulating intelligence, but try asking how much of the parents for children to play iPad know which application or device only for children to draw their attention away from other things.

Many are of the opinion that children should participate in outside activities such as football, doll, ... to develop the infinite imagination of childhood soul. Clearly, the iPad is not playing or grass. In fact, the isolation of poor iPad could do the social skills of children while the children can learn to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

iPad is a device to be creative but they would be "thwarted" the imagination of the child to feel the rigid application, which reduces the infinite imagination of children.

According to a survey by market research firm iYogi, most parents do not buy iPad for their children. 54% thought that their child iPad makes you more with less, while 50% believe that children will develop better when playing outside. Meanwhile, 57% of parents with two or more children feel happy to use iPad to help them look after their children.

Many other studies that parents not let children use iPad electronics as well as too early because it will lead to impaired vision and intelligence of the child, may even lead to children becoming autistic and defects in adulthood.

Leaving children to play without regard iPad would make young addicts without noticing. Meanwhile, children no longer care about things happening around, do not want out to play, all day ... but on the iPad nose buried just for gaming.

As in the case of Le, a communications employee at a company in Hanoi to share, because too busy to have time to play with you whenever you have to look for his wife in the apartment, he would give iPad children to color, play games, ... However, he recently found a baby is often not paying attention to those around them, grandmother or aunt comes to visit, she also did not notice that only carefully iPad father's claim.

So, whether electronic or any applications or should not be abused too and can not replace parents teach children how to communicate, life skills, ... parents should spend more time to children out, to help children learn the world around them to develop the infinite imagination of children. Children with rickets

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