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medicines for children

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1medicines  for children Empty medicines for children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:47 pm

For "example" the medication, many parents have created the way "special" but backfire.

Her children are 3 years later you get sick, so I visited him enlist. Playing at a time that you went to get medicine for snapping at its children. Later, you hold the cup of milk, voice as a threat, not just flattery "I'm not drinking, she did not play with you ...". So he leaks his face, tremors try drinking milk. She turned to you with their assigned Luxembourg "Must Using this A-...".

I know, the medication for children is a challenging problem for parents. So, for example, others have created special ways, such as mixing drugs into milk or food or medicine is candy that ... even, with children making children drink squeezed by the nose, mouth pried ... But it is easy to backfire, making her afraid of drugs.

Let children take medication more easily and without fear, I would share a few things:
- First of all, to choose the appropriate form of medication for children. It is the liquid form of medication such as cough syrup, mixed emulsions (mixed emulsion is a liquid drug forms part white as milk, before drinking the bottle shaken to mix drugs) or drops mixed in water to drink . This is a drug that has been prepared aromatic, very sweet drinks to children. In addition to this drug also has the form of powder, the drug contained in cereal packets, when mixed with water to drink will liquid aromatic, sweet, easy to drink for children. Oral drug tablets should only be used for older children.

- Do not mix drugs into food or milk if that's not the only way for children to take medicine. Drugs in the child with milk or food will turn slower and there are many cases, fear is always fear the food drug. Special note, when mixed with food crush the pill, you must adjust the amount of food for toddlers to eat, otherwise you will not be enough doses.

- Crushed tablet should not be taken for children because some medications contain a bitter substance, will make children afraid.

- Do not call medicine candy. Children are not thinking that it is something to eat. Note storing medicines in places where children can not reach.

- Children should not take too many drugs at once. In cases where children have to take more drugs, the mothers should divide the time taken for their children, each drug should take about 1 hour.

- Not all the teaspoons are in the same amounts. Use spatula standards in pharmacies.

- The thing to note is that should not intimidate, creating tension that needs softening, persistence persuaded the child to take medicine.

Note: For those children that any drugs are not tolerated and vomiting should be taken to the hospital to seek medical advice. Children with rickets

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